Our focus and approach to skating is simple

Through repetitive, functional movements and proper skating technique we instill habits that allow players to improve upon their existing skating ability.


About Us

With over 40 years combined teaching power skating and skills to players of all ages and levels, we have been able to provide a strong skating base with proper techniques that enable our athletes to play at their abilities highest level.

The biomechanics of skating have generally remained unchanged over many years, but we understand that every athlete’s physiology is unique. Our focus to power skating has been and will always be on balance, edges and stride. Once we have achieved proper technique, we focus on speed and efficiency throughout each functional movement. As former players, coaches and teachers, and by way of a background in Kinesiology we are able to identify strengths and weakness with our athletes and address the specific needs of each player.

What makes us unique

Respect, Hardwork, Commitment

We are different from others because we teach proper skating techniques and skills which relate and transfer to the game of hockey. We have learned over the years, especially now, players excel when they understand; Why they are performing a skill, How the skill relates to certain game and practice situations, When in the game/practice they need to apply the skill. We teach in a manner of respect, hard work and commitment and believe the athlete should and will reciprocate.​

We provide a fun, positive environment based on respect and learning. Through work, commitment and discipline, we can achieve the Dynamic Edge.​

Camp Structure

Quality over quantity

We structure our camps through a quality over quantity philosophy. Our athletes will receive more specialized instructing and guidance as we have seen the benefits to numerous players at all levels of the game. Each camp will consist of no more than 25 skaters and there will always be two senior instructors for each ice session, with quality coaches that also understand and can demonstrate proper technique important for growth and development of each individual athlete.

Kelowna Camps

California Camps