California Hockey Training

1-on-1 Private Sessions

Dynamic Edge private training will primarily focus on the fundamentals of efficient skating technique which will be directly related to the game of hockey.

Aside from the skating, Dean is proficient in developing puck skills, puck protection, deception, shooting and teaching concepts such as creating offence and instilling strong defensive skills. At the end of the day the players must know why we are working on what we teach and how it relates to their game.

We are located in the Orange County Area, Private sessions are offered at Shoot 2 Score Ice Arena or any Arena near you!

Semi- private & small group training

Dynamic Edge Semi Private sessions will cater to positional specific groups such as strictly forwards or defence-men only sessions.

Coach Dean Caban will break down and analyze each players skating stride through the use of video software so players can see first hand areas they need to improve. Similar to our private training, once players become smooth, efficient and powerful skaters without the puck Dean will lead them through progressions on how to play with the puck just as effectively.

Team Sessions

Not well versed in skating development? Need some help with your puck skills and passing? Bring our Dynamic Edge team out to one of your practices! Coach Dean would be happy to join your team for practice throughout the season to work on the intricate skills of the game. Our practices are detailed, instructional and demanding well maintaining a positive tone for players at all age groups.

Private Sessions

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