California Camps

Power Skating Camps

We offer Elite and regular power skating camps in Orange Country, California.

Please be mindful that these are not learn to skate programs nor are we a regular day camp. It is our goal and mission to ensure that we are able to take our athletes skating and skills to the next level. To do so, our players must be focused, attentive and hardworking.

Hockey Training

Dynamic Edge private training will primarily focus on the fundamentals of efficient skating technique which will be directly related to the game of hockey.

Coach Dean Caban will break down and analyze each players skating stride through the use of video software. With years of coaching experience we make sure that we cater to positional specific skating as well. For example, smooth transitions for defence-men, evasive escapes for forwards and D in their respective zones and quality edge work.

The skill development doesn’t end there, once players become smooth, efficient and powerful skaters without the puck he will lead them through progressions on how to play with the puck just as effectively. Our team has spent countless hours in the video room analyzing skating technique and how to effectively transfer proper skating to game scenarios.